The Bunkhouse offers comfort, privacy, elegance, and history. The 1800 square foot space is filled with sunlight and antique furnishings.

Guest accommodations include:

  Two bedrooms (1 double, 1 single)

  Tile bathroom (shower only, no tub)

  Kitchen and laundry

  Large living room

  WIFI, books, and movie DVDs (no TV)

  Off-street parking

There is no air-conditioning in the Bunkhouse.

House Rules:

  No children

  No pets

  No smoking in the building or on the premises.

  Guests of guests are not permitted unless first cleared with management.

  If using appliances, guests must be on the premises for entire cycles of use.

  It is expected that the antique furnishings and the premises will be treated with care.

Access to the 2nd floor Bunkhouse is by stairway only.  There are no automatic or ADA accommodations available.

Room rate:

$250.00 (plus 6% sales tax) per night, 2-night minimum

Payment will be received in advance.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal.  We do not accept personal checks.